Ethanol Percentage


Today, there are more gasoline choices for consumers than ever before.

No longer can anyone pull into a gasoline filling station and assume the fuel from the pump is safe and legal for their specific small engines, UTVs and outdoor power equipment.

Currently, most fuel sold today at gas stations contains up to 10 percent ethanol (E10). However, in the past year, more stations are selling ethanol gasoline blends greater than 10 percent – such as 15, 30, 50 and 85 percent ethanol — often from a gasoline blender pump. And, higher ethanol blends are likely cheaper.

But, price is no longer the way to choose gas for outdoor power equipment such as mowers, garden tractors, chain saws, boats, snow throwers, trimmers, UTVs, power washers, blowers, chippers, grinders, generators, jaws of life, concrete saws and other compact construction equipment, as well as small engine applications such as water pumps and irrigation systems. Consumers need to choose the right fuel.

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